Ryan Michael Redders -Sampler EP

by Ryan Michael Redders

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A collection of 5 songs written and recorded by myself in 2012


released December 20, 2012

Ryan Michael Redders: All Instruments and Vocals



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Ryan Michael Redders Minneapolis, Minnesota

22 year old multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter from Colorado. Currently making Indie Folk music whilst attending the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis.

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Track Name: Fires of 2012
Well the wind picked up, and it blew the sparks further to the west, the dry brown leaves and pine trees burst into flame
And in the blazing summer fire fighters did their best but the trees and houses burnt down just the same
Well people left their homes behind, not knowing when they would return, but knowing what they couldn't take was sure to fry
I watched the sun set a bloody red, at the festival with a sense of dread, breathed the smoke into my lungs and sighed
The blazes spread and the acres burned, and the air was filled iwht smoke form homes, and it seemed like half the state was burnt to hell
Well nothing seemed like the world was gonna end that summer more my friend, than the Colorado Fires of 2012..
Track Name: Play This Song For You
I wish that I could just sit and play this song for you all day, all day long
Because the way you're looking at me and smiling makes me wanna stay,
But soon enough I'll be gone,
I wish that I could just sit here and play this song 'til tomorrow baby but we know I'll be leaving by then,
I don't know if I'm ever coming back to this town again,
If I do I'll see you then
Track Name: When I Grow Young
Oh the willow tree weeps softly in my backyard as the sun is sinking down,
I am tying up the loose ends of my love and gazing at the dust ground
Well I packed my life and headed south, I told myself that I'd be back someday,
Oh I sabotaged my happiness and now I'm heading home but not to stay
When I'm much younger things will be better, when i grow young yeah things will go my way again..
When I grow young, When I grow young
I made up my mind to leave the second place that I ever have lived,
and return to my hometown but I can't stay long this place has nothing left to give,
So when August rolls around I will be leaving once again for somewhere new, I've never even been there but I hope I find whatever I was meant to do..
Track Name: Comic Books
Well I was reading comic books, and we were sharing dirty looks, yeah we were sharing dirty looks and beer..
And I was rolling cigarettes as you were putting on your dress, and we both agreed it had been a shitty year..
A shitty year, it was shitty beer we drank that night to dull our fear, and we both regretted it when we woke up..
But we'll do it again you know we will, yeah we'll doing again and we'll regret it still, what else is there to do on a Friday night?
Guess I could stay at home and write shitty poems, or feel lonely 'cuz I am alone, at least solitude results in fewer hangovers..
Or I could call you up again, and reminisce about way back when, but we both forgot so long ago..
We forgot our lives from long ago, don't deny it 'cuz I know you know no matter what things will never be the same..
So no matter how much we drink tonight, nothing's gonna make it right, no amount of booze could ever dull the pain..
"It's just not fair" you said to me one night in bed when we were half asleep, it's just not fair that we were born to die..
Life's not fair, yes I agree, but no one said it was gonna be, it doesn't do no good to wonder why..
Wonder why these things keep happening, it was better once but now I see, that everyone keeps looking towards the sky,
The sky is black, yes the sky is cold, my parents now are growing old, I wonder if they noticed time pass by..
And now I wonder, as I grow older, will I ever feel like letting go?
Track Name: Brianna With The Long Blonde Hair
Brianna with the long blonde hair, I can feel you radiate from way over there, I can't help it girl I've been dreaming about you every night..
Oh Brianna with the long blonde hair, I can smell your perfume as it permeates the air, I wanted to approach you by the fountain but I didn't dare..
Oh Brianna Oh Brianna, Oh Brianna, Will I ever Understand Ya? Oh Brianna would you ever be able to stand by me?
Oh Brianna with the long blonde hair, the things you're doing to my heart they just aren't fair, I wanted you to know (wanted you to know), I wanted you to know: I Love You!
Girl, I love you,
You're too good to be true,
No other girl could ever do,
Oh but you,