Snowballs Chance​/​Marissa's Sunrise Single

by Ryan Michael Redders

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released October 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Ryan Michael Redders Minneapolis, Minnesota

22 year old multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter from Colorado. Currently making Indie Folk music whilst attending the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis.

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Track Name: Snowballs Chance
Got a snowballs chance in hell
of this ever working out well for anybody
so i think that ill just go
you're the only one i know and I don't want to spoil the party
got a snowballs chance in heaven
it's always nice and sunny there and a stead 67 degrees
so i think that i might leave
in case you don't know how I feel I don't want to show the heart on my sleeve
got a snowballs chance with you
maybe if we were alone I'd know just what to say, just what to do
cuz I melt when you're around
melting like an icicle dripping slowly onto the cold, hard ground
got a snowballs chance I've said before
A snowballs chance is still a chance so maybe i'll just stay a bit more..

Got a snowballs chance in hell
of this ever working out well for anybody
Track Name: Marissa's Sunrise
Marissa tells me the sun is rising , but I can't know for sure
been many years since these old eyes have known the day
It's bright, she tells me, much too bright
to gaze long at such a lovely light
but a sight like that just won't let you look away
and I can feel it in these tired bones
a warmth inside my aching heart and a warmth inside my soul
Marissa grasps my hand and holds it tight
despite my eternal night, suddenly it's a new day somehow I know

So many years here surrounded by the cold
felt as if I was all used up long before I became old
first a wife and then two children fade away..
and when my sight deserted me I wasn't blind to all that pain
but this child she shines just like her mother did
so full of warmth and innocence and light
and of every sunrise that's greeted me
in the years I have known them; seventy
I have never known one warmer or so bright