Waiting​/​Comic Books (Single)

by Ryan Michael Redders

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I recorded these songs whilst attending audio production and engineering school. These were originally demo songs that I wrote a while ago I decided to polish them up a bit and re-record them in a studio.


released March 10, 2015

Ryan Redders: All Instruments and vocals
Ryan Redders: Producer, engineer, mixer
Ryan Redders: Songwriter



all rights reserved


Ryan Michael Redders Minneapolis, Minnesota

22 year old multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter from Colorado. Currently making Indie Folk music whilst attending the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis.

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Track Name: Waiting
I've been waiting
for everything to suddenly make sense,
oh, but I'll keep waiting
for clarity to make an appearance
oh, and it's so hard
to figure out what you wanna do
and its not so easy
to see just where your headed to
I hope im headed somewhere
i hope its not nowhere
i guess ill know when i get there

and i cant wait
for this waiting to finally end
oh, well maybe its fate
well if it is then i cant pretend that i know what im doing
wouldnt even know how to lie
you just a-keep on going
even if that means your'e saying goodbye
well goodbye-e-e
I promised that i wouldnt cry
but that may have been a lie

well who's to say what the future holds?
i'm grasping straws, i'm clinging to hope but it may be time to let go
and im a little bit worried
but i'm workin on working it out
and im a little uncertain
just as to what it is im worried about
ya im a little bit tipsy
that doesnt make this any less true!
i get a little bit dizzy
a little dizzy when im thinking of you
well im thinking of you
im thinking of you
and all the things that you do
that seem too good to be true

well the hand of fate is gonna pull all the strings you know,
so dance like a good little puppet 'cuz its time to give up control

im getting sick of waiting
for everything to suddenly make sense
oh but ill keep waiting
cuz i cant seem to get up off of the fence
oh and its so hard
to figure out what you oughta do
and its not so easy
to see just where your going to
i hope im going somewhere
i hope its not nowhere
i guess ill know when i get there
if i did it for you
Track Name: Comic Books
I was reading comic books and we were sharing dirty looks,
yeah we were sharing dirty looks and beer
And I was rolling cigarettes while you were putting on your dress and we both agreed it had been a shitty year
A shitty year, it was shitty beer we drank that night to dull our fear and we both regretted it when we woke up
But we'll do it again, you know we will,
ya we'll do it again and we'll regret it still,
what else is there to do on a Friday night?
Guess I could stay at home and write shitty poems,
and feel lonely 'cuz I am alone,
at least solitude results in fewer hangovers..
Or I could call you up again, and we'd reminisce about way back when
but we both forgot so long ago..
We forgot our lives from long ago,
don't deny it 'cuz I know you know,
no matter what things will never be the same
So no matter how much we drink tonight, nothing's gonna make it right,
no amount of booze could ever dull the pain
(Whistle Solo!)
"It's just not fair", you said to me
one night in bed, we were half asleep,
"it's just not fair that we were born to die"
"life's not fair, yes i agree, but no one said it was gonna be,
it doesn't do no good to wonder why"..
I wonder why these things keep happening, it was better once but now I see, that everyone keeps looking towards the sky
the sky is black, yea the sky is cold,
my parents now are growing old,
I wonder if they noticed time flash by?
And now I wonder..
As i grow older..
will i ever?
feel like letting go..