Here In This City, Life Just Sputters Out

by Ryan Michael Redders

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Folky Singer-Songwriter weirdness inspired by Bob Dylan, Iron & Wine, and the malaise of city life. This song has every strange quasi instrument I could think of blended throughout.


Here In this city you can only see the stars out of the corner of your eye amidst, the flashing of the cars and noisy bars
Where if you find enlightenment you won't hold onto it,
We're all Part of this puzzle, spend your life bending the corners 'til they fit

You can choose solitude or chase love for it's double sided buzz, pretend it was never meant to be, but then what ever was?

Down by the shore they're slapping cuffs on sweet young sally, for selling shells without a permit, and making posters for the rally,
while ducks are occupying the lone patch of liquid water and the fish are frozen solid underneath, beside the river daughters

Mary's got her coat on, must be stepping out to have herself a smoke, the only reason I can think to go outside when it's this cold, but did you know you're my painkiller? I'd crush you up and do a line, it's just I've been drinking and my doctor says I can't take you with wine, still you're the only high that works, tho like the rest you'll never last, I fear i'll never be content, forsook my promise of a future.. sometime past..

I'm watching strangers on the bus through the reflections in the glass, to see what faces we all make when we're just watching the time pass a pretty woman in a foot cast is out waiting for a train, another has a cardboard sign, a baby bump and looks ashamed.. so-o-o ashamed..

There's an old man sitting in a shopping cart watching the young girls dancing like the T.V. taught them, while their mother laments the things she might have bought, but the school supplies, they cost so goddamn much! And me, I'm sitting in the corner, observing, pondering, and wondering if i'll ever lose this restless urge to constantly be wandering around the streets inhaling someone else's exhaled smoke, and feeling like I've just been punched in the gut by the butt of some gods cruel joke, but it's just raindrops in my coffee, a cloud in front of the sun, I'm feeling ready to give in, and I have hardly even begun..

Maybe this comedown's my well deserved comeuppance, come at last this time, we are all guilty of indifference, oh, and it's an awful crime, it's easy to preach compassion once you've clawed your way up to the top, but is it truly charity if sharing is just an afterthought?

Anomie's been fixing me with her insufferable liquid smile, I'm trying s hard to fit in, but Gods, it's been a while, I could really use a muse right now, I 'spose any of the 9 would do just fine, been feeling like a warn out book, been opened up too many times..


Simon's sitting patiently at a kiosk by the water selling specially selected skipping stones in case you need to ponder all the mysteries they merge to form a myriad of melting waves, under the clouds we mortals gape while picking out the deepest graves, and father time is waiting for the cold death of our burning sun, meanwhile on earth we're printing organs now but we're also printing guns..

That every story ever written has an ending seems quite strange, when life just seems to sputter out, like candles on an old man's cake...


released February 14, 2016
Ryan Michael Redders- Songwriting, Engineering, Producing, all instruments and vocals except:
Jordan Radcliffe- Electric Bass, additional Production and Engineering,
Max Glass- Bowed Double Bass,
Aaron Brown- Distorted Electric Bass,
Randi Jo Rusch- Vocals,
Howard and Vivian Wright, Rachel Redders (age 3)- Sampled Speech,
Army Service Forces War Department; Use of Foreign Languages (French) Phonograph Instruction Record (1943).



all rights reserved


Ryan Michael Redders Minneapolis, Minnesota

22 year old multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter from Colorado. Currently making Indie Folk music whilst attending the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis.

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